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With three decades of experience in FMCG and over 100 successful new brand launches, we have developed a proven formula for unpacking the full business potential of top brands and clients. Our expertise was further honed by shopper insights gathered through our close collaboration with Albert Hypermarket, where we serve as the main agency for their award-winning store and category redesign initiative.

We like #unpacking

Using our unpacking method, we create solutions that increase sales with proven results.
Record market share in the last 5 years
6x higher recognizability in TV, online and print ads
+36 NPS from 32 to 68
Bestseller of the decade among alcohol novelties
47% increase in sales
From sales decline of -8% to growth of +10%

How unpacking works?

Through hundreds of projects, we have found the winning formula that significantly increases our clients’ business results.

We unpack the category, competition and brand into small parts, so that we know what to focus on.


With local relevancy in mind, we discover and select those that will most influence consumer behaviour.


We combine these into a new brand story and make sure that it is commercially successful.

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